8 January 2011

Decaying Whores

The decaying whores who work for what passes as the mainstream media are always keen to tell us how motherfucking independent they are from political parties. They say they try and be fair and balanced. What a load of crap that is.

A former long time news anchor retired in Dope City just a couple weeks ago. Word was she was planning on concentrating on her various charitable projects. "Like fuck," I thought at the time.

Sure enough, Ms. Balanced, Fair and Independent surfaced from her flurry of charitable work before she had cashed her first retirement cheque to announce which right wing puppet she was supporting to fill the void soon to be left in our province when Premier Gordon Campbell finally fucks off to concentrate on his various charitable projects.

Balanced, fair and independent as Ian Stuart if you ask me.

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ron wilton said...

Nobody says it better!