14 December 2010

Two For One

Except for the Ontarians our first week in Mexico was quiet and predictable as the Canucks in the play-offs. Shit, shower, eat, drink, shit, drink, swim, drink, eat, drink, swim, shit, drink, drink, drink, eat, drink, drink, drink, eat, drink, drink, drink. Just like a regular vacation except in Mexico just about everybody is a little more regular. Dos Equis must be Spanish for two beer shits for the price of one.

Second week of the vacation has been a little less quiet and predictable because we were joined by Jimi, Hunky and Kitty. Hunky and Kitty like a little peyote with their breakfast same as me. One person hallucinating around the pool is quiet and relaxing. Three people hallucinating around the pool is like the scenes in Easy Rider before Jack gets the shit beat out of him by the redneck motherfuckers.

Jimi has made a good drinking partner for Sonja. The two of them have already spent one day drinking everything the bar has to offer at least once before deciding on their favourites and pounding those back like a politician tells lies.

I told Jimi about the retarded Oklahoman going to get his dick sucked in a Mexican suck shack. Did not take long for him to find out where to go to have his turn. "Fucking Mexicans are slow at just about everything but giving skull," is all of his review I am going to print here.


uniplmr1 said...

Here, where I am, it's fucking cold and it's raining and no one has any fucking peyote. I fucking hate Mexico.

istvan said...

Beer ,tell us about the peyote.Did you run blindfolded in the desert?Did you see god?Was it a colour stone?At 0400 did you wish you had maybe one less button? Happy holidays.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Peyote makes me feel good. Cleans the system out real good too. Better for you than most dope. If I was up at 4:00 AM, a rarity at my age, I would want one more button, not one less. A blindfold? Not in the desert, my friend, only before the firing squad.