15 December 2010

Terribly Sorry If I Pissed Off Anybody

There is one risk associated with writing about vacationing in Mexico during the run up to Christmas: pissing people off. Used to get pissed off at people for going down to Mexico and other warm places in the winter myself too. I could never understand how people could order their affairs well enough to be able to blow a few grand getting loaded in a tropical place when all it takes is a hundred bucks to do it at home. Once you have done it once, keeping your affairs in order so you can do it as many times as possible before you join the non-vacationing dead is easy.

I know: there are homeless people, poor immigrants, savaged women, the disabled, the fucking crazy, men whose wives will not let them go, women whose men will not let them go, people with too fucking heavy debt loads, whining student motherfuckers and all sorts of other people who cannot go some place nice and toasty for a week or two in the Cold Canadian Winter for one reason or another mostly to do with not having enough money. I have four words for all those people - fuck off and die.

You only live once, motherfuckers. You got to get it in before you get old like me.


uniplmr1 said...

This is me,fucked off and dying.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I know Northern California is not real comforting this time of year, I watch the horse racing from there on tv, but try imagining what it must be like for someone from Saskatchewan reading about some asshole's mid-winter trip to Mexico.

uniplmr1 said...

I used to travel between Montreal and Boston a lot. Once, from the bridge I saw a dead frozen guy in the Detroit River. I told the Mounties. They said he'd float over to America when he got downriver and it was too fucking cold to go get a dead American guy anyway. You're right. Fuck them if they won't move. It's 31 here this morning, the dogs could care less. No cats are out though, that we could find. Do 10 buttons and mention my name..

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Half a dozen have always been enough for me.