8 November 2010

Little Sweetie

My dog does not give a fuck how late I stay up. She does not give a fuck how much I have drank. She does not give a fuck about how many pills I have taken either. When I get home she wakes up for minute, sniffs me to make sure I have not been fucking anybody else's dog, then she goes back to sleep.

In the morning she wakes me up, just like she did this morning, when it is still dark outside. She has to pee, pooh or puke. She never pees or poohs inside if I do not respond to her cold nose morning promptings but she will puke inside if that is what she was trying to wake me up to do. When she does that it wakes you anyway because dogs puke real loud so it is best to get up, try and get your balance, and let her out to air out which ever of her orifices needs airing out.

So I got up to let her out this morning. Once I have done that I am up for the day, even if I have only slept two hours. I looked at the clock. Six AM. At least she did not wake me at five was all I could think. I turned on my computer. I needed to know if the Riders had beat the Eskies. They had. That means I get to drink beer and watch CFL playoff football live from motherfucking Saskatchewan on Sunday. Alright. Then I noticed the time in the corner of my computer screen. It was just after five AM. Forgot about the time change. Fuck. So did the Hammer.

She is such a little sweetie.


uniplmr1 said...

Life would not be as good, nearly, without a hound. The link I was trying to send you is sundayblues.org. It's from a radio station in Rochester New York. Good songs from the way way back.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I got that figured out now. May not be able to check it out until the Canadian Football League play-offs are over. That'd be the Grey Cup.

Another blues singer who got me interested in the genre when I was a teenager was Kathi McDonald. I love the way she sings "Insane Asylum."

uniplmr1 said...

Yeah. The Stones worked with her a lot. She's down here now. She's on Exile on Main Street, Let it Bleed,Sticky Fingers. Her band is called "The Mother Hips." She's really good. I'm glad you got football up there to keep things civilized and on the right track.