9 November 2010

First In Line

Everybody knows I love the roller derby girls. If roller derby was a religion, and the roller derby girls were the priests, I would be first in line to be molested. Every day and twice on Sunday.

But this is not about roller derby, at least not directly.

This is about Linda Stang. She is the female singer in the Little Guitar Army. I like her. Like her a lot. I got to talk to her a little on the weekend but I did not question her as much as I should have. I do not know shit about her except that she can sure sing and she dances the way everybody likes women to dance. Like Patrick Swayze, motherfuckers.

For you roller derby girls, and those of you who just like to look at them like me, you just might want to get yourself to a Little Guitar Army show. Linda rocks the fishnet and the facepaint as good or better than any roller derby girl.

The question I would have really liked to ask Linda Stang is, "Do you roller skate?" A pair of racing skates underneath her smart uniform would be dangerous, dangerous the way Phil Lynott sang dangerous, in more ways than one.

If I had a good picture of Linda I would have included it here but I do not. Use your fucking imagination. I do.

Update -  click above headline to see LGA's 30 Watts to Freedom video.

Warning - do not do it if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition.

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