16 May 2010


I leaned over the railing
The same railing
In the same mall
I leaned over
When I was a boy

The mall was everything then

It provided us

This time when
I leaned over the railing
No young ladies
In halter tops
Walked below me

It is not the '70s
Any more


Jon said...

I went to the mall yesterday. I hadn't been there in years. I still hated it but it was good to know something had changed. There was nothing in the whole damn place that anyone over the age of 16 would buy. I'm no longer in a desirable demographic. It felt great. I don't give a shit about the mall and mall doesn't give a shit about me.

ib said...

It is not the '70's any more, for sure.

Aside from the few technological advances we have now, there is not much about the tawdry celebrity driven consumerism of now that consoles me; in or out of the mall.

Of course, the UK in the '70s was a haggle of cornershops. Supermarkets were the closest thing we had back then to a mall, although that is not strictly correct. They started putting roofs over shopping centres just after Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee.

One more thing.

Those fine posts of your's and the Hammer's are beginnining to take their toll. They make me feel damn lazy.

Kids are just too distracting and self-oriented. They screw up my train of thought. I am beginning to wonder whether I ought to trade them in for a mastif or pit bull.