26 January 2010

Steve Fonyo - A Real Canadian Beer Drinking, Hell Raising Hero

My country rarely fails me as it has failed me today. Today my country took back Steve Fonyo's Order of Canada. My country took back the Order of Canada from the very man who completed what Terry Fox could not; the man who should have been given the the honour of lighting the 2010 Olympic Flame with a giant glass of flaming absinthe.

It is not right. When I was boy we had a term for people who took back what they had given. The word was Indian-Giver. The Indians are right about about that word - the proper word should be Whiteman-Giver.

Do not fret Steve Fonyo. I am still in your corner of the bar. The Olympics and the rest of the people who still have their Order of Canadas do not deserve to have a man of your calibre associated with them anyway.

Thanks for everything Steve. Motherfuck the Order of Canada.


Anonymous said...

As Steve's soon to be wife I'd like to just say thanks for everyone for all there support and Steve is working on getting better by the day. One day at a time as they say. Anyway I'd like to just ask all those people that have put him down over the years why don't just one of us go out and raise millions of dollars for the charity of your choice?? I'm sure they'd appreciate the donation
Thanks again for all your support

Lisa G

brad said...

Lisa! Take good care of your man! Best wishes!

I LOVE what Fonyo did. A man is what he was, not what voting committies vote. Screw those thought-nazis.
Steve Fonyo is his own man.
Not bought and paid for, see Ronald MacHansen:
That guy IS bought and paid for.
No ass-kisser. My kinda guy and I would be happy to know him. Normal Canuck a TYPICAL AND NORMAL MAN, warts and all, who did something fabulous and should not suffer libel, slander pea-brained suit's in Ottawa or anywhere.
I pray Ronald MacHansen falls and while he is down, he gets kicked in the nuts. Imagine the cash it would cost to change the names of every school and street and park Ronald MacHansen is named after?.....
I would be happy to know Fonyo, I would like to say to people, HEY! I KNOW HIM!