14 January 2010

Red and Blue Lights

The police were in the neighbourhood tonight
Made me feel real fucking safe that did
I took my guns out of their case
Set them on the table and cleaned them

And did a little January maintenance on them
The Steepleton Constabulary were rounding up
Anti-Olympian terrorists
(they had to look under the beds for them)

Underwear bombers
(They had to look in some underwear drawers for them)
And low level dope pushers
(They did not have to look far for them)

All I saw was red and blue lights,
I heard some sirens
And some shouting
Somebody is right now setting up a new
Drug pusher house down the street
Probably two of them

Motherfucking War on Terrorists
Motherfucking War on Underwear Bombers
Motherfucking War on Dope
Seems like all our Wars are Unwinnable

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