15 January 2010


You never have to look around too hard to find Evil. I was pushing my super-buggy through Shopper Heaven after work today. Pretty soon it was heaped full of crap and I was just about on my way to the check out line when I saw Evil right before my eyes.

Lots of people try and cut out some of the shit they eat all year round in the New Year. They try and turn over a new leaf. They might even be thinking of getting into shape. The fuckwad who runs the bakery at Shopper Heaven hates that shit. His pastries were not selling in the corner of the store where they are normally displayed so he put a couple racks of them right fucking beside the work out gear. The bakery manager at Shopper Heaven is the Unwashed Asshole of Evil.


ib said...

Gotta hand it to you.

The asshole in the picture has a nice line in theatricality. The Vincent Price of evil patisserie owners.

Evil is my mother-in-law bringing us a Sultana fruit cake on New Year's Day. I hate cakes generally. That fucking thing was so tempting, I ended up damn near eating it myself.

Nobody else gave a fig.

Nazz Nomad said...

oh come on now, the guy is a GIANTS fan... that means he is one of the lord's chosen.

Gazetteer said...


I'll tell you all about Evil.

Like when the maniacal German Uke Metalhead Girlz come to your house, steal your tuner, and take off with your musical partner/oldest kid for the surfing beach?


That's right - in January!

(thus, next LittleMountain mountaintop show will be next Sunday, Jan 25th ~ noon; details at my place).