29 January 2010

Nine Eleveners

It's all been fucked up since Nine Eleven - Patterson Hood

I listened to Patterson Hood's "Murdering Oscar" cd back and forth to work today. Listened to it just once, but there was whiskey in my coffee so this is no amateur review - this is semi-professional. His lyric, quoted above, is the best single line sung by anybody in this responsive decade, this freaked out aftermath of that long sunny Setember day.

It is worth buying just to listen to the Hallowe'en pedal steel and the guitars every bit as wicked as Queen Elizabeth having murderous thoughts. It is not as good as a Drive-By Trucker record but it fucking near is and that is saying a lot because the Drive Bys are the best rock 'n' roll outfit around here in 2010, so shut off your fucking television and go buy all their records, motherfuckers. Buy some beer and whiskey and a bag of the best you can kind find because rock 'n' roll is sort of satisfying to those of us known to our neigbourhood watch as substance abusers, moon worshippers and non-golfers.

Americans keep on referring to 9-1-1 as Nine Eleven. Dismiss the poetic intent of the Muslim loons at your own peril Nine Eleveners. There's some more lines written in Their Loon Book of the Future about to explode sooner or later. And what is going to explode is not just going to be someone's Nigerian dick. My feeling is that Al-Queada are just fucking with us now. The real show is about to be detonated, and soon. Be brave, be fearful, be ready to rock like the Drive By Truckers.

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