8 August 2009

Is It Between Your Legs?

The recent heatwave gave me something I did not need besides an excuse to drink more beer. I got a rash. An itchy rash.

I thought it would go away but it was not going away so I went to the drug store. In the drug store I stood in front of the pharmacy counter and hoped it would be one of the pretty young Chinese girls who would ask if I needed help. I am not that lucky. Instead of a pretty Chinese girl I got a white guy older than me. I told him, "I got a fucking rash and I do not know what to put on it. Never had a rash before."

The white guy older than me asked me, "Is it between your legs?"

I answered, "What?"

"The rash," he deadpanned back.

That was where I was itchy alright.

I followed him to the aisle you go to if you are itchy between your legs. I hope I am not still itchy at the roller derby tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

MMMMMMM!!! Rollerderby Girl ASS!