27 May 2009


There is something
Delightfully Satanic
About Canada's Governor-General
Eating the raw heart of a seal.

A more graphic,
"Fuck you!"
To the non-seal-heart-eating
World I could not imagine.

Bravo My Queen!


mollymew said...

I actually liked it myself. One thing I noticed is that the knife that the GG used to carve the seal held an uncanny resemblance to an often portrayed Klingon weapon in the Star Trek series. Could they have swiped the idea from the Inuit ?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I find my country to be at its most appealing on the rare occasions it sticks out like a sore thumb. Makes me wonder if Canada's Governor-Generals have been eating raw seal hearts all along, on the sly, at a secretive raw seal heart eating ball. Makes me hungry. Maybe next year our Governor-general will eat a raw seal's penis.

mollymew said...

I wonder if seal penis has the anatomical feature known as the "os penis" (the mother of all "boners"). I'll have to look it up. If it does this delicacy will be described as "like ribs" rather than "like sushi".