19 May 2009

Here Comes the Weekend

I do not give out much advice from high atop this electronic soapbox. As I have said before, "What the fuck do I know?" I do not even listen to my own advice. That said, I would like to advise you not to drink with the people you happen to be camping beside when you are out in the woods this summer. Friday and Saturday went well this weekend. We fished, explored and sat around the campfire and did a little drinking. It was beer during the day/port after dark for me. Did not vomit even once.

On Sunday we were invited to sit around our neighbour Wolfie's campfire. Wolfie told us, "My wife will be serving snacks and we'll have a couple shots." He sounded enthusiastic. We had a couple shots alright. A couple too many shots of schnapps. The last thing I remember of Sunday night is chasing around Wolfie's squarehead-assed wife with a bottle of Mazola in one hand and a bottle of Goldschlager in my other hand in their big sex tent with two other couples of outdoors loving Germans.

I am feeling a little tarnished by the tent event. I had never had sex with a German before. Those Germans make a lot of weird noises when they are going at it.

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