25 April 2009

Sommelier For Hire

Much as I like my beer and whisky,
Sometimes it is wine that works the best.
When I got back from the gym tonight
I asked Sonja to,

"Get me a fucking bottle of wine,
A corkscrew and
A crystal glass."
It was Friday,

Sonja knew I meant business.
She got me the fucking bottle of wine.
Bottle of Novas, from Chile, 2005.
Those greaseballs can sure make wine.

Some people do not like a strong wine.
This one is 14.5%.
This is not the kind of wine
You want to pour in your ass.

1 comment:

ib said...

Chile does make fucking good wine, for sure. My favourite tipple when not chasing bourbon; or rum; or brandy. Vodka, too.

Love the pic. God, yes.