23 April 2009

Riot City Free Press

Predictably, Dope City went apeshit after the home team, the team the people love like stone age beasts, advanced to the next round of the NHL play-offs last night. Nobody likes a riot like we do. We may like rioting more than we like dope. I may just have to re-name this the Riot City Free Press.

People get out of control when the Canucks win out here in Steepleton too. Last night it sounded like a Motorhead crowd out in the streets. The police sort of kept a lid on the human explosion. If the Canucks do the unthinkable and win the Stanley Cup the police around here are going to wish they still had horses.


Gazetteer said...

Which is weird because out there all you've got is Horsemen.

And women.

And here we've got neither.

But we do have horses.

Go figure.

Best coverage of '94 Riot had to be from Salmi....in fact, Beer, if I didn't know better....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Support your local gorilla.

Gazetteer said...

Alrighty then.