19 February 2009

Whalley '81

In a crystal beer glass
In a
Shot up Whalley bungalow

A mile away from Bridgeview
By it all
Caressed by Death
Backseat blue

Kwantlen Park
Parking lot
I am not much
But I have had my fill
Of the wisdom of this place
Too many people

No secrets
End of a story
No one wants to hear
Turn the page
Hose the blood

Off the sidewalk
There is pain
Sorrow forgotten
As the telephone
Booths at Whalley's Corner
This is your final notice
This is the choice
You neglected to make

This is the Revenge of the
Hells Angels


Laila said...

Well done,Beer,well done ; )
Glad to be an inspiration..hehe.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When I was a kid there were numerous street gangs (Rumblers, Sliders, Riley Park Boys, etc.) and dozens of motorcycle clubs. It was a colourful time. You were safe nowhere. Over time the Satans Angels became the dominant force on the street. There was order. If you had your motorcycle stolen and you knew who to talk to you just might get it back. And you knew who not to fuck with. That order lasted until the fucking government started pecking away at it. Now we are back to chaos again. Stability is not always a good thing buy it is often preferable to instability.

Laila said...

I hear you, and I agree.

Before moving to Surrey,I pretty much raised my kids in the Steveston area of Richmond,near Garry point. The area never had a break in,no crime,nothing.I finally found out why - there were some Hells Angels living in the area. No one screwed around with anyone there and they were great neighbours.

Honestly,I wish I had a Hells Angels neighbour now, instead of the Indo gangs with the hummer and the pit bulls down the street. I'd feel a bit safer anyways.