20 February 2009

Blue Spring Cloud

Now that it is warm enough for the willows to begin to bud my dog and I are joined by more fellow outdoorsy types as we make our way around. In the winter my dog and I have all the outdoors to ourself most of the time. People do not like cold I guess.

Today two skateboarders in the company of two teenage girls who like skateboarders joined us in the park. As they made their way away into the park to smoke a bomber and share a laugh the Hammer joined them. She did not know them but she knows them now. She visited them one by one. One of the teenage girls complained, "She likes the boys better!" The Hammer did like the boys better. She is a man's dog.

One of my neighbours then joined us with his chihuahua. "Are those fucking skateboarders smoking a joint down there?" he asked motioning toward the blue cloud some distance away.

"Every other motherfucker does," I replied as I passed him my flask.

"I'm not drinking that shit!" he said waving his hands. I surprised him with a little cask strength once. Now he has flask fear.

I had heard his dog barking for him on my way to the park before he had returned from work. The man's wife used to keep the dog company during the day. She is gone now. Makes me sad just thinking about how much that chihuahua misses the lady.

After that I watched the report on the news about Obama's first visit to Canada. He is not pissing me off yet.


Jon said...

Yet. I am not looking forward to the day he pisses me off. It is coming.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Your President is asking my country to be patient with America as it seeks its way out of the Darkness. Like we have not been patient with America for hundreds of years already.

Jon said...

In America mastery of the obvious is what passes for insight.