22 February 2009

Narcotic Virgin Mary

Gets to be some of the things you like best are the things you take for granted. It is Sunday Morning and I am not going to church again. The only thing worse than working is not working and the only thing worse than working or not working is going to church. Instead I am having coffee and listening to a compilation of Velvet Underground and Nico songs. Nico is my narcotic Virgin Mary.

Watching "New York Doll" has got me thinking about religion. Arthur Kane went Mormon after he fell out of a third floor window and banged himself up some. I think if I fall out of a window higher than the second floor I will join the motherfucking Mormons too.


Jon said...

I think Killer Kane is the documentary that was released down here as New York Doll. It was a great movie. If Kane had been riding my bus he would have gotten treated like a rock star.

I am not a big fan of the Mormons. He did not just fall out of a window. He fell out of a window and landed on his head. I would have to hit the ground pretty hard before I would join the Mormons.

My ex wife took up with the Mormons for a while. They were really nice people. Really fucking nice. Nice, nice nice. I don't think Arthur Kane had spent much time around nice people. He just grabbed ahold of the first nice people he met.

As little as I like them, the Mormons did alright by Arthur Kane

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I got the title wrong, it is New York Doll. There goes my movie reviewing career. What I tell the Mormons when they knock on my door is, "Aren't you the Christians who are even more screwed in the head than the Baptists?"

mollymew said...

For God's sake if you fall out a window and onto your head join the Jehovahs instead.It would be absolute proof that you were amongst teh 144,000 saved.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If I fall out a window I hope to land on a JW or a Mormon.

Frankiecon said...

Sounds like a great fucking Sunday Morning. Isn't that a song by them?