18 January 2009

Trans-Canada Roller Derby

Some asshole
In a car faster than mine
Who drives faster than me
Drove up behind me
As I was passing
Some slow motherfuckers.

He flashed his high beams
At me again and again and
Passed me on the right
Before I had a chance
To pull into the

I gave him the finger and
Mouthed the words,
"Fuck you, you dirty cocksucker,"
Slow enough for him to understand
As he paused beside me
To see who was behind the wheel.

Probably thought I was a Hindoo.

He would have liked
To haul me
Out of my car and beat me.

The roads of my town
Are like Gaza.

The Hammer watched
The highway conflict from
The back of the Cadillac.

She wanted to bite off
The motherfucker's arm.

1 comment:

ib said...

I enjoyed an agreeable sense of well-being and equilibrium as I read this one.

I would have enjoyed witnessing the Hammer taking off his arm. Or cleaning up some roadkill at the very least.