17 January 2009


I had a cd player that once spelled out the word, "DOPE," to me when it began malfunctioning. Technology fucking hates me. We have shitloads of technology at our disposal but I do not see how much of it has actually made life better than life was before we got buried in all this Chinese shit.

Now my cell phone is turning into a piece of crap. When I turn it on it spells out the word, "Poo," for me. No shit. Technology fucking hates me.
Some days I think it would be good to be like that motherfucker on Green Acres who left the big city for a simpler life.
Hope I am not going hippy on you.


Jon said...

Shit Beer, by any standards that I would have recognized 25 years ago, I've already gone hippie. Then again, when I reread Walden, I can comfortably say, "Fuck a bunch of hippies. I'm going Thoreau." Then again, I like my computer. I was just going to go juice some organic vegetables for breakfast. The fuckin' hippies are closing in.

Jon said...

If you're in New Jersey, be sure and drop by the hippie shop.
It's at the outlet mall in Fairfield. There's plenty of parking.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The hippie influence on West Coast culture is pretty fucking remarkable. Without the hippies there may not even be a Dope City Free Press. I'd probably be fucking a farm animal in Alberta if it wasn't for the hippies.

Jon said...

Me and hippies are like family. We're like cousins who see each other on national holidays. Other than that, we leave each other alone. Actually, I should say that some of my favorite friends are old time original hippies. I have some trouble with young neo hippies, but that may be because they are young. Darn these kids today.

Somewhere in the frozen vastness of Alberta a farm animal is lonely, because of hippies. As for myself, my ex wife is a hippie and tonight I'll be having sex with a block of tofu.

Gazetteer said...


Thought all the acres were green out in Sliverville.

Must admit, however, that I never imagined Beer as looking anything like Eddie Albert.

As for S...... Well, now that I think of it, in the theatre of my mind at least, Eva G. might not be too far off track.

Anonymous said...

I have my cell phone programmed to say "poo" when it powers up. It makes me laugh. No shit.