27 January 2009

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Went back to work today. Probably not for long though. It is going to be like that for quite some time. A clapped out, one-legged whore with a face like Lemmy's has an easier time selling her goods than the forest industry has selling their's in our Now You See It, Now You Don't Global Enonomy v. 2009.

Sawmill workers are ugly on Monday mornings at the best of times but the boys looked worse than the dead fuckers on Ghost Whisperer every Friday night yesterday morning. If the fucking government really wanted people to stop drinking they would film the guys from my mill filing through the gate on any Monday morning and put that on television instead of the useless happy face propaganda they bombard us with now.

No matter how shitty things get there are always other things to look forward to. Be fishing season soon. Makes me dream my dream of setting up a fishing and hunting camp just thinking of cooking wild trout in a fire. I am pretty sure a business named Dope City Fishing and Hunting Camp would attract the right sort of clients. That dream will not come true until my sawmill is gone.

There is something heroic about hanging on until the motherfucking end. You will not see any sawmills occupied by the workers in protest after a shut down like more and more workers are doing around the world. We will move on.

We will say, "Fuck the mill," and move on like we knew we always would.


Laila said...

A hunting and fishing camp with a name like that would make you enough money that you could fill a pool with fresh beer everyday and wallow in it to your heart's content. Germans pay some big bills in PG to do shit like that.
Haven't been trout fishing in years, but if memories right,nothing beats frying up some fresh trout for breakfast after pulling some rainbows in the days first hatch.

Fried potato's and a cold one on the side.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Love them gun-happy squareheads.

Stephanie said...

Oh, unless the sawmill owner is some oily shyster from Alberta... then the government will step in and pay all wages and exorbitant cleanup bills. THEN it'll close.