28 January 2009

Northern Peninsula

There is a framed
On the wall
I am looking at it
As I often do
An ice house on the
Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland
There is grass
In the foreground
Not a lawn, grass
There are rocks and
Ocean in the distance
Blue sky
A few clouds
Drank beer made of
Iceberg water
Near the ice house
The waitress was pretty
New at the job
She kept the beer coming
That is all


Laila said...

Is this your famous dog or just some random pic?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is a Newfoundland on the shore of the Northern Peninsula, not my Hammer.

ib said...

Damn. I, too, was optimistic that it was indeed the legendary Hammer.

Laila said...

I want the Hammer!