2 January 2009

Message In a Bottle

Felt good last night.

Drank coffee and shoveled
Snow in the morning.
I was glad I had stuck to the beer.
Beer is magic.

Sometimes whisky is too magic,
Like on New Year's Eve.

When I was done with my coffee
And my shoveling
It was off to the pub


Write some
Then to bed.
Cannot drink beer 24 hours a day.


Hide said...

Happy New Year Mr. Beer :)
Greetz from Germany !

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Happy New Year to all Germans who put a paddle in the Yukon in 2008. Please come to the 2010 Winter Olympics. We are desperately in need of your money and also we would like you to bring us some more Volkswagens.

Gazetteer said...

Jeebuz, Beer!

Praying for an influx of (nolonger) Deutsche Marxians and all the Euros they can carry is one thing, but....

I've already got one VW (notso)Microbus to sink money into.

And in these times of shrinking credit, I sure as heckfire don't need more of 'em.