1 January 2009

Emmylou Harris and Bloodrock

Filled two holes in my music collection this week with two records. The first record is 38 years old. It is the second release by Bloodrock, a bunch of long hairs from Fort Worth, Texas. I bought my first Bloodrock record from a little electronic repair and used record shop before I started shaving. Now, at last, I have all their records.

I figure Bloodrock named their first few records with numbers because they were hoping to make out with the groupies and the money like Led Zeppelin were doing with a series of albums named one, two and three. They ended up doing ok with the money, better with the groupies. Bloodrock played the sort of music that appealed to me a lot when I was a teenager. Cranky guitars, bass that thumps like a good fucking, drums that thump like an even better fucking, spooky organ, ugly singer, fans with a death wish.

The other record is Emmylou Harris' newest. It is called All I Intended To Be. I had to wait for Sonja to go out to listen to it. Emmylou Harris' voice always brings a tear or two to my eyes. There is something about her voice that reminds me of when my dogs died. This record is like that too. All you Oprah watchers should fucking love it. I do not know if this is Emmylou's best record but it might be. I think the time she has spent recently with Anne Murray has rubbed off on her rightly.

All I Intended To Be is also the first record I have bought that comes with the cd. Damn fine idea that is: how music should have been packaged for over twenty years. Fucking cds come in handy in the car.


Andraste said...

Emmylou Harris is a goddess.

Happy New Year, Beer. Hope 2009 is filled with all the hooch and good music and roller derby and hockey you may desire. Best to Sonja and the Hammer too.

Gazetteer said...


For Ms. Harris I think it has less to do with Anne and more to do with Neil.

Time spent rubbing up against I mean.

May all your bottles be filled with the best any and all breweries, micro, macro or otherwise, can spew in 2009 Beer.