9 December 2008

Public Image

I figured out it would take me about a decade to listen to all my records if I started playing a record a day every day. I might not make it to the end of the alphabet if I started right now. I can see myself dying and groaning, "I can't die now I only made it to the Velvet Fogg."

Today I put on Public Image's Metal Box on the turntable. Turned it way up. Then I turned it up some more. Wobble's bass was shaking the neighbour's windows. I was dancing with myself and my dog. (I may have neglected to mention the dancing with my dog thing until now.) Those boys were some wasted motherfuckers when they put that great record together.


Gazetteer said...


You did.

Forget to mention the dirty dog dancing I mean.

btw-- Back in the days when I was in a garage band we had an old tube amp known as the 'Bazooka-Ya' that could blow the front windshield out of a Pontiac Strat-O-Chief at 50 paces (ie. the approximate distance from the basement where we 'practiced' to the real garage where the '59 Johnny Bucyk lived).

bbtw--After checking JB's numbrs in '70/71 I decided to compare 'em to those of the greatest hockey player of all time.....Robert Gordon's plus/minus for the year?....One-Hundred-And-Freaking-Twenty-Four...Unbelievable!



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Me an my dog were born to boogie.