20 December 2008

doris day christmas

what is it that links old movies
and christmas so groovily?
do you remember
when you wanted to
fuck doris day?

i wanted to get
doris day drunk
and fuck her good.

movies make you want
to fuck people.

maybe christmas
is all about the fucking.


mollymew said...

My God Beer- Doris Day !!!!
One wonders about your reaction to 'The Sound of Music'. You are hereby officially drummed out of the Annette Funicello Memorial Mammary Admiration Society. Surrender your mouse ears at the door.

Santa said...

OK! OK! I get it.First it was Anne,now it's Doris.You forgot again to say MOTHERFUCKER!WTF.

Gazetteer said...


Could it, possibly be the other way around

(re: what's really about what)


Are you kidding.....The SoM had a veritbable multilevel stratification myoepithelial-lined exocrine glands, from the Baroness on down....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Doris wasn't a hot Canadian woman like Anne but she looked hot and Canadian, didn't she. If you think Doris looks hot in a mink, imagine how hot she would look in seal skin. Same as most red blooded Canadian stick swingers, English women like Julie Andrews, even a red hot one like Julie, won't take my eyes off the hockey game on Saturday night. Canada is so full of beautiful women you have to be as country perfect as Shania Twain to turn a head.

A French woman like Celine Dion or the Govenor General on the other hand...

mollymew said...

I'm gonna tell Anne on you Beer. can you imagine her heartbreak ? As to the SoM, can you say "mastitis" in German? I can't, but I'm sure it sounds really obscene.

Gazetteer said...


Mastitis is obscene in any language.

(by the way, some things actually sound better in German)


Laila Yuile said...

Too, too funny, but pretty damn true... love your site.I havent laughed like this in a long time. Love the way you write.