22 November 2008

Windsor Four Wheel Blues

To the ears of this sawmill worker, who has seen his industry whittled away to a toothpick, all this talk about the fucking government coming to the car industry's financial rescue is pissing me off. Who died and made the car industry God? Motherfuckers. Like the conclusion many a desperate sawmill owner has reached over the years, some business problems are best solved with a fucking match.

Chrysler has not made a decent vehicle since the Valiant; Ford has been riding the Mustang longer than Wayne Gretzky has been involved in hockey; and General Motors, ever since it attached itself to the Canuck Curse over a decade ago by (over)paying for the Canuck Stadium naming rights, has been going down the toilet faster than a crap down the international space station's loo.

In the long term (and the short term is looking uglier than Sarah Palin's anger) it looks like the North American car industry ought to be managed by new firms. Trouble is the firms are bound to end up looking a lot more like Wal-mart and a lot less like Harley Davidson.

I am not volunteering my tax money to bail out the car industry, if that is what indeed happens. I will be being robbed by the government, yet again, if that is what happens.

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