21 November 2008

Live Close to a Hockey Rink?

Today was one of those days that depress some people around here. Dark clouds, heavy rain and news of worse storms to come will get you down if you are not careful.

Luckily, for those of us who live close to a hockey rink, the antidote to winter's wet lash is at hand. The good old hockey game. There is university hockey, junior 'B', junior 'A', major junior and NHL hockey close to where I live. A short, if expensive, ferry ride is all I need to take to add ECHL to the list. There is hope an AHL team may even set up in the new rink my city is building in time for next year's hockey season.

Get out there and cheer your fucking head off!


Jon said...

Did I tell you this story? I was living in Oakland, had a roommate from Fargo, North Dakota. He heard that someone was setting up an amateur hockey league in SF. He stuffed all of his hockey gear in a GI duffle bag and went to the first meeting. It turns out that most of the people there had gone to his high school. Presumably, they were dealing with the onset of the Bay Area's wimpy winter the best way they knew how.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Home of the Fighting Sioux!

Stephanie said...

Haaaaaa... Dr. Hook:-)

"Dunlop, you suck cock!"
"All I can get."

mollymew said...

What's the ECHL ?

Andraste said...

"Hey Ogie, buy you a soda after the game..."

Tonight was "Slapshot" night at the Bruins game. They were giving away orange soda, silly glasses and toy car sets.

Sadly, Milan Lucic did NOT do a strip tease at the end of the game.

Bruins won, 4-2. Shhhhh...they're in first. Don't tell anyone.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The East Coast Hockey League was formed to give the handsome people of Manitoba something to look down on besides the Dakotas.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Milan Lucic is nearing God status in the Hockey household.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Steph. - If there is a good looking gal vomiting onto the sticky concrete floor a couple rows behind me in the theatre when I see "Slapshot 3" I bet she is you.

mollymew said...

You mean the "East Coast" Hockey League is out there on the west coast ? Or is it the "east coast" of Vancouver Island maybe ? We hardly have the choice here on the frozen prairies that you do out there apparently.
Ah well, just to get the juices flowing, all the really good players comes from Saskatchewan and Quebec anyways. Everybody else lives off them. The goons come from Alberta.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There's two types of hockey we might be missing around here.

1. High school hockey. I could be wrong about that, maybe there's a few high school hockey teams somewhere around here.

2. A Senior Men's League team. There's constantly shifting scraggle of teams that play league games and fight (and I do mean fight) it out for one of the more obscure hockey trophies on Earth. Line brawl hockey. There used to be lots of senior men's hockey teams around Dope City. It was the bone breaking best, most bloody hockey ever.