1 October 2008


The Hammer was already asleep when it was time for bed last night. Sonja and I were looking at her on her blanket. She was sound asleep with a big smile on her black lips. Her fuzzy monkey toy was smiling with its red lips beside her too.

"Have you ever seen her so happy?" Sonja asked me.

"She's on top the world, isn't she?" I agreed. My dog had the same expression on her face I do when I ejaculate.

I had taken my dog out to the Steepleton greenlands where she got to play in the water, my dog's favourite kind of fun. Later I gave her a new buffalo bone to chew on. She loves the big bone of a buffalo.

I am happy when my dog is happy and Sonja says a happy man has a happy wife.

It has been my kind of September.

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