2 October 2008

850 Billion Revolutions a Minute

Looking forward to something?

I thought so.
I am looking forward to something too.

Going up, up into the mountains.
A subtle Anarchist influence:
Satchel Paige,

A man I read about
Who said, "Don't look back,
Something might be gaining on you."
And, "Money and women.

They're two of the strongest
Things in the world.
The things you do for a woman
You wouldn't do for anything else.
Same with money."


Gazetteer said...

Do you have to be an anarchist to be an anarchist's influence?

Either way, I never really thought of Mr. Paige that way.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hell no, you do not need to be an Anarchist to be an Anarchist's influence. Satchel Paige was an individualistic, hard working, entertaining, and, above all, persevering man. I haven't found anything about the man to suggest he was unneighbourly. I just read the wiki entry on Paige to refresh my memory, if his life was not the life of an Anarchist, whose is?