26 September 2008

Revolution and Promise

George Bush had just finished his two minute address to the good, bad and ugly people of America last night when I wrote Poem For George. I try and write something, anything, just about every day and some days you do not have anything to write about except for politicians pissing you off. I guess some days I have Talk Radio Syndrome.

After I had finished the poem I looked at it for a minute and asked myself if I would have the guts to publish such a raw splatter of words if I was an American living in America. The Patriot Act is some evil motherfucking shit and I have to admit I am not sure I would be willing to publish what I really think in the Christian Fascist place America has become. But I am pretty sure I would have because Freedom of Speech has not yet been completely extinguished down there where the deer and the buffalo roam.

On the other hand, I may not have published the poem because I was already in jail or worse in a state whose Revolution and Promise has gone stale.


Matt said...

It's a cliche, of course (and even lamer, 'cause I didn't look around for the letter that gave the 'e' in "cliche" its jaunty mark up top), but: "It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't".

Dunno who first offered that up, but I got it from Uncle Gibby Haynes... And, in the intoxicated spirit he shared it with me, I do the same towards you...

Blurt the honesty out, man. The honesty gene hasn't been zapped yet.

ib said...

I ask myself that same question a lot too, Beer. A while back I decided it was high time to put the boot into Mugabe, and maybe question the whole Mandela idolatry thing too while I was at it.

Would I have been so quick to demonise if I lived in Zimbabwe ? Or even South africa ? No fucking way, is the short answer.

It tamed my ire a little, too, when I read about Any Major Dude With Half A Heart's brush with the apartheid secret police in the 1980's. Still. I remain fairly skeptical that the Bush administration has the sufficient apparatus in place to silence criticism. At least at present. I have no such doubts when considering other world goverments.

ib said...

Make that "goverNments", even. My typing finger is a tad arthritic today. I need some alcohol to lube me up some.