25 September 2008

Poem For George

Not many of us
Understand the economy
Very well
So we do not talk about
It as if we do
Unlike the President
Of the USA's head
Talking on my television screen

I reached for my
Dart gun
Licked the dart
And fired it
Into his motherfucking head


Jon said...

Good poem, but I think a lot of us do understand the present moment in the economy. A bunch of crooks robbed us blind. They did this with the help of the media outlets, which they own, and the most corrupt politicians in the history of the universe. All of that other bullshit about how complicated it all is, is just more of the same. Down here, south o' the border, shooting darts at the televised image of the "president" is probably a violation of some homeland security provision.

ib said...

I heard the last part of a very interesting interview on the BBC World Service with a market speculator from New York worth $9.3 billion. His personal fortune. This guy was very candid and had a more pronounced New York accent than Joey Ramone.

He sounded like a stone cold killer. And no doubt that is a valid characterization.

He defined short sellin like this:

"It's a lot like walking through a burning warehouse. You think of 1,000 ways to kill a business and you do the math. You get bloodied. Catching falling knives.

You buy up oil when everybody tells you it will never go beyond $40 a barrel. When it gets to $180 per barrel you grit your teeth. When it's $230 per barrel, you sell.

Sell it all.

You go to bed at night with headphones on. Listening to market analyses. You sit down and read an annual report instead of a novel. It's all about calculating how many ways to kill a business."

Blankfrank06 said...

Man Mr. Beer N. Hockey,
I would love a poem especially about me like you did for jon. I would keep it on my sidebar even if I found it insulting and offensive. Which I would prefer. so if you get some free time......
I'd return the favor but I 'm not very good at writing poetry. although I never really gave it a shot.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Oh fuck yeah, if you want a poem written for you, just ask.

Jon said...

Maybe we should all try writing Frank a poem? Ib? What do you say? It might take a day or two. I'm working on one.

ib said...

I'm game. Sure.