17 September 2008

Money. Money. Money.

Sonja and I have little of our laid aside wealth invested in stocks. The last couple of days have been relatively worry free for us. I just hope my union pension fund managers have had their eye on the ball.

We both know too much about the sort of crooks who are usually found at the helm of companies listed on stock exchanges. In a nutshell it comes down to an answer I received when I asked an old friend, now a financial advisor, "Who's in charge of that can't miss company you suggested I invest in a few years back?" The answer was, "A new bunch of crooks."


Jon said...

I figure now that all of the Wall Street funny money has been pissed away millions, no billions of real people will have to do a lot of real work to make some real money for them to loot. I'm kind of tired of working and I am finding the possibility annoying.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

As someone who works in an industry, that no one seems to give two shits about, which provides the world with the initial capital the world likes to piss away on parasitical sectors of the economy like investment bankers as fast as humanly possibly, I have three words for everybody who is in on the crooked game or goes along with it, "Good luck, motherfuckers."

Jon said...

Some time, when I do not have to get up in a few hours, I will write down a story about the time I got the last laugh on those fucks. It was very satisfying, if only for a moment.