16 September 2008

Bye Bye Richard Wright

I spent a few evenings
Listening to Pink Floyd
Flat on my back
On cold basement floors.
Most of my friends and I

Had bedrooms in basements.
We all a stereo,
Black light posters,
Lava lamps,
And drugs.

We were some fucking cool let me tell you.


ib said...

I still have my lava lamp. The rest is not optional.

ib said...

Hey! I just tumbled.

"Bye Bye Richard Wright".

Are you going all Simon & Garfunkel on me ?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It isn't easy talking about listening to Pink Floyd in a black light postered room when you went on to become associated with punk rock, hardcore and skinhead music. As Black Flag once put it, "I was a hippy/I was a burnout/I was out of my head." Something like that anyhow. Oh, and you would be shocked at how many Simon and Garfunkel records I have stacked near my Sham 69 albums.