21 September 2008

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

I like it when things go as smooth as they did today. Picked up the racing papers without making a bet; walked the dog by the river until it started to rain; we both got back to the car before we got real wet. Then I wrote a poem when I returned home and began opening beers. It was inspired by the NDP (that's Canada's Communist Party) freaking out about how many of their candidates have Anarchist views about drug use.

The New Democrats
Are Chicken Socialists

The subject of Dope comes up every election now. I like that. Back when Canada had more sense we purposely elected Prime Ministers who were drunks or dopers. I figure Pierre Trudeau could have out-smoked the Marijuana Party in his prime. And if Joe Clark was not on the pot I wonder what he was on? The rest of them were plain bombed.

Outside of printing every Canadian citizen $1,000,000 and mailing out bags of money this Christmas (which is what I would promise to do and follow through on if I were elected: motherfuck the banks) (anything Gordon Campbell can do I can do better) legalizing dope is the best policy option open to this country. It has been quite a while since Canada legalized anything substantial, that was abortion, we ought to get on with it.

As I wrote my poem and went over the past performances in the Form the Hammer lifted her head from its resting place beneath the window every hour or so in anticipation of her dinner. I like it when my dog is tired and hungry.

Tomorrow is Dope City Derby Day. If you are wondering who not to bet on, I am backing an Alberta-bred by the name of Arkhill. He is the only fresh horse in the race, runs good in the slop and has a recent workout that suggests he has been told and understands just what the fuck is on the line next time he is walked into the starting gate. Believe I will play him with Texas Wildcatter in the exacta. Even with the rain I cannot see any of the longshots expressing themselves in my local race park's biggest money event of the year.


Jon said...

I think it is a very bad thing when you think your own country might be the shithole of the universe, but here in the shithole of the universe we envy the New Democrats. Our old Democrats suck. I mean, they suck. Except maybe in Minnesota where they are still the Farmer/Labor democrats. Oh they suck there too.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

When it comes to politics, the Shithole of the Universe is difficult to pinpoint.