22 September 2008

Bad Teacher

The park was quiet this morning like it is most Sundays. My dog chased a couple squirrels into the trees and that was about it. The dugouts were littered with empties like they are most Sundays. It looked like my Sunday morning was going to be as boring as my church going neighbours' Sunday morning until I spotted a bit of art and some notes scribbled on a piece of paper.

The scribbling indicated a teacher here in Steepleton just might be meeting an untimely end soon. Whoever did the writing and drawing were pissed off something bad. "You're going to die motherfucker!" was theme of the piece. So if you are a Steepleton teacher you might want to think about being really, really kind to your students for the rest of the year.

1 comment:

ib said...

This is the kind of good shit which makes you think of "River's Edge" and the "Blair Witch Project".

The empty silences in those bottles makes you wonder if a properly invested curse really might take root.

You made me smell the leaves there, Beer.