4 August 2008

This is Your Final Warning

The Dope City Free Press is overjoyed to announce Anne Murray's performance on the August 19th edition of Canadian Idol. After her much anticipated performance Anne will be apologizing on behalf of loaded Canadian white folk once figuring it was a good idea to not allow every ship loaded to the gunnels with Indian border jumpers to land on our snowy shores so they could get a job in a sawmill, save their money, found terrorist organizations and bomb airplanes out of the sky.


ib said...

You're not far wrong, I feel.

Jon said...

Beer, throw in a bunch of commas and that sentence will look as convoluted as something I'd write. Are you saying that Anne, and the loaded White Canadians have decided that it is OK to allow every ship loaded to the gunnels etc? Because that's pretty much how I would feel if I ever came across a shipload of Indian border jumpers and it is damn good to be in solidarity with Ms. Murray and alla y'all. Or did I get it backwards?