17 August 2008


ANNE MURRAY UPDATE - do not waste your time tuning into Canadian Idol this week. Her two appearance's on Canadian Idol are now scheduled for August 25th and 26th. That means if you live in, or near, Dope City you can take in eight (8) (!!!!!!!!) teams of ALL FEMALE FLAT TRACK ROLLER DERBY SUPERSTARLETS on the 23rd, rest up a little at the racetrack on the 24th, then enjoy two straight EVENINGS WITH ANNE from the comfort of your basement suite's favourite sticky E-Z Boy.
It is Downhill Forever after that, motherfuckers.

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ib said...

I wonder if Anne would've got through those auditions. I'm fairly certain they would have sent Jimi Hendrix home with some firm advice regarding the benefits of an army pension. Of course, it's individuals like myself who are responsible for sending the music industry into a tail spin. Stealing dollars out the pot available to finance and promote yet another Girls Aloud. I have no shame.