17 August 2008


Six children waiting on the rocks
Looking out to sea for Father
As the sun sunk into the smog
And the full moon lit their shoulders

The noise of helicopters overhead
Drowned out Father's little boat's motor
When they saw him coming they just had time
To wade a thousand feet to greet him

Hugs and kisses for his young family
And a bag handed to his Mennonite wife
Quickly locked into their reliable car
Then the children walked the boat

Back to the sea
Until the next time


Jon said...

Your best non Anne Murray poem.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Some nights are more memorable than others.

ib said...

Nice. You must have been influenced by Saturday night's lunar equinox. You and me both. It was only after slinging a bunch of songs about the moon that Rosa informed me one was due. I am a firm believer in the pull of the moon. If it turns tides, it surely has an effect on lesser mortals.