20 August 2008

Revenge of the Rollerskaters

Back around 1980 sometime the disco craze (which only sucked half as bad as today's disco craze) was coupled with a rollerskating revival. It was as ugly as that little Chinese girl the Olympic Entertainment Committee would only allow to be heard but not seen during the recent Opening Ceremony. Spandex was the preferred getup for '80s rollerskaters. The motherfuckers were hard to look at, especially when you were really doped and boozed up.

Skateboarders soon knocked the disco crazed rollerskaters under the nearest Express bus. Skateboarders are also rumoured to be behind the recent bloody disappearances of three roller derby teams scheduled to appear at Derby Night in Canada. On Saturday night all the skateboarders that can be rounded up with promises of free dope and cheap sex are going to be thrown into a big pile and burned in the Minoru Arena parking lot. Fucking punks!

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