19 August 2008

New Board

Was a time I spent my energy on Big Issues. I still care about the Big Issues but over the years I learned I am not a Big Issues man. To quote Lou Reed (from my dodgy memory) from his adorable Take No Prisoners record, "Give me an issue and I'll give you a tissue so you can wipe my ass with it."

What I like is incidentals.

While walking the Hammer this fine evening my dog stopped so she could say hello to a girl with a skateboard walking behind us. The two knew each other from the park. I asked her, "New board, eh?" The deck did not yet have a scratch on it. "I got it for my birthday," she told me. She was some proud of her new wheels and glad someone had noticed her present. "I was hoping for something a little darker," she went on as she showed me the backside of the board, "but I still love it." It was definitely girly. "Main thing is it gets me around," she concluded before she walked ahead of us into the last two weeks of summer.

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ib said...

I like that line of Lou's. I like it a lot.

"What I like is incidentals."

I like that one, too.