27 August 2008

Original Canadian Idol

I was comfortable on the couch
Had a beer
Some snacks
And Anne Murray on the tv

Then I woke up and
Kanas City Bomber
Was on the late, late show
Anne Murray was gone

My beer was still there
So I had a drink
It was warm and flat
So I drank the rest fast

Tonight I stayed awake
And watched Anne sing
Too bad she did not sing
My Ding-a-ling-a-ling

If Canada were half as cool as it thinks it is we would sit round the pub bombed out of our minds singing Anne Murray songs together.

And never leave me lonely,
tell me you'll love me only
and that you'll always let it be me,
let it be me.

1 comment:

ib said...

Last night must have been an evening for falling asleep on the couch. I do this habitually - when Rosa is not around to bark at me or wheedle and cajole - and my back is no longer supple enough to withstand this ritual punishment.

At least you came to with beer on the table - if warm and flat.

I was roused this morning by a movie channel preview running endlessly on a loop. Mel Gibson with a saltire painted on his face, shrieking on about freedom.

Braveheart, be damned. What's the pain of ceremonial disembowelment compared with waking up on the couch at 7:00 AM and staggering into the kitchen doubled over in agony to make a nine-year-old his breakfast ?