26 August 2008

Do It With Anne

There are few things I like to do better than having sex when Anne Murray is on television. So before Anne's appearance on Canadian Idol tonight I asked Sonja if we could do it between 9:00 and 10:00. She thought about it for a second then asked, "Can I be Anne this time?"

"Deal." Everybody wants to be Anne. Maybe tomorrow night will be my turn.


Jon said...

Wow, sex two nights in a row at your age. You are a spry old bastard. It must be roller girls, Anne Murray and that clean Canadian air. Actually , I wanted you to know that this and the roller girl post before are some of your best shit ever.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

To paraphrase Paul St. Pierre, Sonja and I have moved on from tri-weekly to try weekly. That's probably why Sonja thought it might be better for me to be Anne the second night. Won't be long now before we move on to try weakly.