21 July 2008


watching a train go by
made me think
about speed
and our desire
for it

the world was already
when I was young
too fast
for me
then the world
gained speed
it is still gaining
for now

what does it do
for your idealism
when Barack Obama
starts to sound Presidential
for some reason?


Jon said...

Hey, you are not facing the challenge of finding him prime ministerial. I'm old/old fashioned enough that I can remember being told that a Black man could never be president. It seems like a very idealistic moment when the leading candidate is Black. In fact the old white guy looks like shit in many of the polls. Which is good because he is a piece of shit whose greatest accomplishment was getting his plane shot out from under him while he was attempting to aid in the carpet bombing of peasants. Is Barrack himself that big a deal? Nah. But his moment is a big deal.
World too fast? I think it's been too fast since the first world war. Sometimes I actually miss living in poverty in the midwest. Everybody knew there just wasn't anything important enough to hurry over. I mean, what, you want me to hustle for my five dollars an hour?

Nicole said...

SPEED.... number 20..Wes Cates...

4 and 0-H BABY!!!!!