23 July 2008

Miss 604

I love it when I find out something new about somebody. Tonight I watched Rebecca Bolwitt, authour of the Miss 604 blog, being interviewed on Urban Rush, the cable talk show. I was envious of Rebecca - nobody wants to interview a drunk sawmill worker who uses the word motherfucker in just about everything he writes.

As Rebecca went on and on about her career as a blogger I stared at her rack. Fucking marvelous big breasts she has. So big I was drooling. Fuck I am a pig. If I had tits big as those I bet I could get interviewed.

Rebecca has resisted the urge to post a link to the Dope City Free Press on Miss 604 - not even on her list of hockey blogs. I am beginning to think she finds me offensive.


Jon said...

Shit Beer, you managed to offend me- slightly. I dunno, what smart, media savvy young news and opinion blogger wouldn't want a link to a drunken saw mill worker who says "motherfucker" a lot?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Perhaps if I changed my name to Mr. Shit Beer N. Hockey I would gain credibility amongst the smart, media savvy young folk.

ib said...

Now you've done it. You just prompted me to google "Miss 604" so I could catch a glimpse of her rack.

Just so's I might put your post in context, you understand.

That thing with the negligent linking ? It's just ageism, Beer.