14 June 2008

Status Quo

Was a time I would phone my mate Al at a pay phone at a specified time. His dad was an industrial worker and his mom did not work so they could not afford a phone. This was in the days before home computers and the shit we buy now to convince ourselves we are participating in the modern world. "See you at the local in an hour?" I would ask before adding, "I got money." I did not have a lot of money but I always had money for drinks. That's the story of my life.

In the pub we would sip scotch like gentlemen. Sip a glass of straight scotch in the same amount of time a man without thirst empties a pint of beer. We would talk politics and world affairs. "Motherfucking Americans!" We knew the score.

We did not talk about girls much. We knew it was only a matter of time before we had the appropriate bird perched on our face like we had seen in Swedish magazines.

We both liked punk rock fine but what we really, really, really liked was Status Quo. Al is a Mozart man now. I still love the Mystery Song.

I see that look on your face
I see that look on your face
I see that look on your face

The boys know what you're giving
You give the boys such a lot of fun
And by the way you make a living
You've got the boys all on the run
S.T's showing, you really got me going
Maybe you can give me a price
I wanna try it, yeh I wanna buy it
Tell me would you treat me nice
Oh my legs are shaking
Oh my heart is breaking
I'm just feeling like a boy
Now I just can't slow down
Gotta get in go down
Have my share of pride and joy
Now I've got your name and number
I like to look upon your face
And now you know that I wanna take you
Give me the time you can name the place
Call me honey, you can take my money
Maybe we can make a deal
I really mean it, gotta get between it
Do you know the way I feel
Oh I'm feeling kinda
Like I've gotta find
A way to make you understand
Oh I know you're lying
And your love I'm buying
Oh I'm feeling like a man


Mollymew said...

I use pay phones a lot. I'd refuse to ever get a cell phone for many different reasons. In what I do I can get over 30 phone calls a day, and with a cell phone I would answer exactly ZERO of them. I'd either be driving, doing something(often something dangerous) or talking to a customer. Phone calls are returned when I am able. Cell phones are meant for people such as real estate agents who 1)get very few "talkers" and nuts on their line and 2)are so grateful to get ANY phone call that they fall on their kneees with each ring in thanks.

What pisses me off about pay phones recently is the gradually enroaching restrictions on their use. Never mind that our local phone company decided, on its own fiat, to increase the price last year from 25 cents to 50 cents. I run out of quarters far faster now. I am also pissed that all pay phone calls are now logged as "unknown number" or "blocked number" calls, and this makes it impossible for me to reach some people via a payphone if they have decided to not accept such calls.

Finally, though it hardly affects me- it is now impossible to phone anybody on a pay phone. They won't ring. They don't accept incoming calls. What you and your buddy used to do is now impossible- at least here in Manitoba. The phone company has gradually decreased the usefulness of the pay phone while doubling its price. The companies want everyone to get a cell phone and pay through the nose, even though cell phones are ONLY useful for some !!! businesses and hardly ever for a private person (unless you are desperately waiting for the death of a rich relative).

ib said...

Funny thing. I've never really liked Mozart. I watched the film, though, once ; that "Amadeus" piece of garbage with Tom Hulce.

I agreed with the Antonio Salieri character: too many notes.

If he'd have been (Sallieri) a punk he would have played the three chord routine. If he was black, he'd maybe have told the pup to "keep it real".

Another thing. I always thought the girl perched on Buk's knee in that shot was wearing panties. Doesn't look like it here, however.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

While spending a few nights recently at a campsite within view and listening distance of a pay phone I watched a man ride his bicycle up to the phone, make a dope deal, express his distress over having to wait half an hour for the delivery, then lean over a nearby ditch and loudly retch repeatedly into the wet grass.

The aluminum enclosures of the last generation of pay phones proved to be easy pickings for Dope City's many metal recyclers. Vandalism, and the way authourities respond to it, has changed the look of our cityscape in many ways. i.e. our schools look more like prisons than ever.

Cell phones have only made dope deals more convenient and there are so many of them dealers do not even care if they are being listened to by the police. Have a listen to cell phone conversations on a scanner. It's like Kesey said - money (or was that bullshit?) makes the world go 'round but dope makes it jump up and down.

Like all olden days machines I miss the once common place pay phone. It was the best place to find out who to call to get a really good suck.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Occasionally I put a classical lp on the turntable on sunny Sunday mornings when I do not want to wake Sonja or listen quietly to the radio. The people of this town turned over too many mint classical recordings to thrift stores for me to resist.

Buk could charm the panties off the Queen once he got a few drinks and a little dope into her.

Andraste said...

Baroque is where it's at, baby. Bach and Telemann were the Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone of their day. Bless 'em.

PS: 5 vodka and tonics on a summer Saturday after gardening and washing my truck - doesn't suck.