17 June 2008

Country Wedding

It was a country wedding
Held in a little hall
Surrounded by farmland far
To the east of the city
A man in a Mexican cowboy hat
Played his acoustic guitar
As the groom and his groomsmen
Took their places in the sun
Soon the bride's maids,
Flower girls and ring bearer
Joined the men under the arch
With the justice of the peace
The bride was next
To join the party
Several women began to cry
As my thoughts wandered to the beer inside

As the justice of the peace
Brought the young couple together
My thoughts wandered further yet
Because of what Sonja had told me
on the way to the wedding

Seems the bride had asked the groom
To fulfill a fantasy of hers.
Before their wedding day
She wanted to have sex with two men

at the same time.

The groom enlisted his brother,
His best man,
To play his bride's fiddle
While he sang

Country weddings are a fine thing

1 comment:

Jon said...

I think you've ruined my fond memory of my cousin's lovely Indiana country wedding. Then again, if he asked me if I wanted a go at his wife, I might have said yes. She was a lovely hillbilly girl with a heart of purest gold. I miss her. He made some money and dumped her for a trophy wife. Dumb bastard.