3 May 2008

Kentucky Derby 134

Each year about this time you and I get to pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby. In recent years I have been picking the horse that has had the lead at the top of the home stretch but has then flattened out badly, finishing out of the money. This year I am going the other way. My money is going down on Adriano, who I expect will leave the starting gate somewhere around 40-1. Adriano's odds may be long but he is bred better than most of his competitors to last the 1 1/4 miles of dirt that make up the Derby. There is no way in Hell Adriano will be a front runner in this race. I do expect him to give me a good feeling as he passes horses on the way to the finish line.

My favourite local horse, The Visualiser, is running at Dope City Downs tomorrow afternoon as well. He will leave the starting gate somewhere around 4-1. I expect him to lead the race the whole motherfucking way.

Life is a gamble and this motherfucker is still at the table. Get in on it.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

After I shed a tear for the hard used Kentucky Derby filly Eight Belles I reflected on my afternoon of gambling on horses: am I a fucking loser or what?