29 May 2008

I guess it was yesterday the pigs drove down a man they were chasing in their police cars. Drove him down the way some people purposely squash a opossum, a coyote or a cat. Sadistic motherfuckers.

The media quickly put together a profile of the guy. Seems he was an anti-authouritarian sort like myself. Crazy-ass orangutan. A couple loudmouth shits from the union he used to belong to even had something to say about the run down fucker. Guess that will teach him to bad mouth the lost cause commies who run his union with a Stalinist fist.

I suppose my own union would suddenly find itself friendly to the media if I went off the deep end, got naked, stole a big truck and started driving around like Gordon Campbell on vacation. "Beer was always a fuck-up. It was just a matter of time before he went totally crazy. We're all just happy he didn't unload some of his guns on a lunch room full of brothers or a Canuck crowd."


Jon said...

I went pretty crazy about 16 years ago. Got over it. Decided not to make a big secret out of it. Now I get hushed phone calls from union brothers who are having panic attacks or suicidal thoughts. They never do any of the shit I suggest. They go to a doctor and the doctor gives them a bunch of pills. Still, it's nice to be the guy you go to when you're nuts. The local sheriffs have killed three crazy people in the past year. All of them unarmed. I'm lucky I didn't get killed a couple of times. When she got mad at me, my long ago ex girl friend liked to call the cops and tell them I was off my anti-psychotic meds and the guns were missing from the house. What a gal.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Bus drivers around here are crazier than a preacher with a presidential candidate in his flock. I applied to be be bus driver once. Didn't get an interview. Apparently fondness for martial arts and being well armed is not what the bus company is looking for in new recruits.

Nicole said...

Hey...This Sunday we go and pick up our season tickets for the 2008 CFL season...that would be tickets to the Grey Cup 2007 CHAMPS, My Riders, incase you read this after you've been in the sauce and can't remember, my Dear Beer!

Hope you, Sonja, the Hamms and the neighbours cat have all been well!

Have been so busy here...I need a vaycay from my life!!! lol

Nicole said...

Have you always had comment mod on?

Geez...I guess it's been a while!!! LOL

Sunday night went to the RUSH concert.

Geddy Lee can still rock it!!!

For old goats, i was IMPRESSED!!!!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Good to hear from you Nicole, my sweet little saskatoon. Glad you enjoyed Rush. I prefer to keep them in their first album time capsule where they belong.

As for your glorious Riders, hopefully Big Red is not on the phone trying to talk Damon Allen out of retirement too soon.

I have had comment moderation working for ever since the multiple sales visits from Penis Pump Enlargement Inc. Fucking pumps did not work worth a damn!