14 April 2008


History time. The Kerrisdale arena was completed in 1949. My mom was among the 6,000 people inside it when Bill Haley and the Comets put on Dope City's first rock show in '56.

Turns out Motorhead played the Kerrisdale the summer following their performance with Ozzy. I was there. Sure as shit I was there. Too bad I cannot remember being there.

Here's what Shithead remembered of the '82 show: "The Motorhead show was absolutely insane. It looked like everybody from Whalley had shown up in Kerrisdale. It was mostly a heavy, violent biker crowd. They were all loaded."


Anonymous said...

My brother saw "The Clash" play at the Kerrisdale Arena back in 1980. It's also the arena where I learned how to figure skate as a wee'un. It was such an honour to play the same venue as Joe Strummer et al., and I had a serious case of deja vu walking into the ol'e Arena. I could swear I heard Frank Mills' figure skating classic "the Music Box Dancer" as I walked in at the beginning of the day... Glad you enjoyed watching us - hope to see you out again!!

Rowdy Ruby Roundheel, #42
Faster Pussycats

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I must have been at that Clash show too - filling the trough urinal on the upper level with vomit no doubt. Consider me a season ticket holder.